"Hygienic Charged Sprays"


Our Mission: 

Facility hygiene requires that infection is not be picked up from a fomite  and transferred elsewhere. As "paperless" healthcare becomes more pervasive , healthcare workers will have more contact with keyboards and pointing devices (mice)  : the data entry equipment becomes a "dirty" source of  contamination.

We are developing products which periodically apply electrified droplets containing antibacterial and antiviral ingredients onto keyboards and mice. Our goal is to develop such applicators which are effective , reliable , inobtrusive and low in cost.

Electrified aerosols are much more effective than simple pneumatic aerosols in that they better deposit the active antibacterial and antiviral ingredients into the equipment  "nooks and crannies"  The nearly invisible electrified mist coats the fomite surfaces using a minimal amount of active material with little  errant overspray.

For further information please contact jr@john-robertson.com